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Bun Bun's Birthday
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Bun Bun’s Birthday
Written By Richard Scrimger
Illustrated By Gillian Johnson
Sproing, Sproing, Sproing.

Winifred and Eugene were bouncing on the big bed in their parents' room. From the top of her bounce, Winifred could twirl and even see the street below. Eugene was not such a good bouncer. Sometimes he sproinged, and sometimes he thumped.

Winifred bounced onto her bottom, then back onto her feet. Eugene jumped extra hard and landed on the floor.

Sproing. Thump. “Ow!”


Excerpted from Bun Bun's Birthday by Richard Scrimger. Text copyright © 2001 by Richard Scrimger, Illustrations copyright © 2001 by Gillian Johnson. Excerpted by permission of Tundra Books. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.


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Published by Tundra Books

Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.

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