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From Charlie's Point of View
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From Charlie’s Point of View

Charlie Fairmile’s dad has been accused of bank robbery. Charlie knows he isn’t guilty, but the police are convinced he’s the Stocking Bandit. They have eye witnesses. They even claim to have evidence. His mother says if his father goes to jail, they’ll have to move. So Charlie has to find the real criminal – and fast. With the help of his best friends, Bernadette and Lewis, and his guardian angel, Gideon, Charlie sets out to solve the mystery. But can a blind teenager unravel a crime even the police can’t solve?

Introducing Charlie, a smart, confident, and spunky hero, his tough-as-nails best friends, and his quirky and mysterious guardian angel in a satisfying and fast-paced modern-day mystery.

“Readers will rush to find out whodunit but they’ll come away with more than the answer to the mystery; they'll clearly grasp that people are more than what they seem to be.” - Booklist

“[a] stylized mystery laced with humor…” - Publisher’s Weekly

“5/5 - a perfect before-bed read.” - Lethbridge Herald

" Richard Scrimger creates an entertaining detective mystery that is more comedy than suspense. His characters are street-wise and loveable. Scrimger, as he has shown himself in his other books for children, tells his stories with a mischievous grin. He wants his young readers to laugh as well as to think. His language is robust descriptive, direct. His scenes rely more on the characters' actions and interactions, less on their reflections. It makes for a page-turner and the kind of book that hooks a kid on reading.” - Books In Canada

“…a very cool ending, and a great cast of characters to spend time with.” - Bookslut.com

“With a fast-paced plot, witty dialogue, and compelling characters, this mystery is riveting all the way to its exciting and surprising conclusion.” - School Library Journal

“…loaded with plot twists and dialogue as fast-paced and funny as stand-up comedy. …Scrimger demonstrates why he is one of Canada's leading children's authors.”Resource Links

“…a laugh-out-loud on-the-subway read. But there is a grimness to the story too; the way so many of the characters pine for their missing fathers… adds an undercurrent of emotion that will resonate with readers, whatever their family situation.” - Time Out New York kids

“A solid mystery with charming, occasionally sassy characters, a good sense of humour, and a remarkable stylistic sense, it's a winner. … Scrimger has a keen ear for the conversational tone of both teen and adult characters. He not only writes realistic dialogue, he explores how dialogue is situationally affected. The book also has a keen stylistic awareness, subtly shifting perspectives from character to character. The most affecting shift comes when Scrimger writes from Charlie's point of view, revealing a nuanced, derailed world free of visual cues. It's unsettling and effective. …this novel is genuinely suspenseful and will surprise even seasoned readers. …a perfect introduction to adult mysteries and a reminder of Scrimger's considerable gifts as a writer.”Quill & Quire


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Published by Tundra Books

Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.

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