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Eugene's Story
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Eugene's Story
Written By Richard Scrimger
Illustrated By Gillian Johnson

A hilarious salute to second children everywhere!

All Eugene wants is to tell his story. He wants to tell us about how nicely he can pour baby Bun Bun's cereal. But big sister Winifred points out that he is spilling. He wants to tell about putting on his rubber boots. Winifred interrupts to tell him that they are on the wrong feet. When he sets out to walk his dog, Winifred is scornful: the family doesn't own a dog.

In short, Eugene's story is that he cannot tell his story, until…

...funny, dead-on snapshot of sibling rivalry..." - Today's Parent

"This delightful fantasy of the power of story to remake the world the way you want it will appeal to beleaguered siblings everywhere." - Bulletin of the Center of Children's Books

"The importance of the storyt running in the child's head, about how he's going through his day and accomplishing the little tasks he attempts, is delightfully conveyed in this book, and its conclusion is an amusing tribute to the power of the imagination." - Quill & Quire

"...young listeners, especially those burdened with an older sibling... will take heart..." - The Globe & Mail

"...touching and funny... Second kids, even older ones, will want this." - Booklist

"By crafting his take around Eugene's fantasy life, Scrimger keeps the tone light and amusing as he allows the put-upon Eugene to take charge of his story without casuing any metaphorical bloodshed." - City Parent

"5/5 - Middle children everywhere finally get their due." - New Brunswick Reader


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Published by Tundra Books

Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.

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