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I have 2 more books coming out soon! Like any day now! Yes, you can get them! There they are! OK, I'll stop with the exclamation marks.


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click for more Downside Up

Downside Up is a grief story, but it's also weird and wacky and will make you laugh. Our hero Fred travels to a parallel world in order to visit his dead dog. Think Wrinkle In Time meets Old Yeller. The supporting cast is especially strong - Fred's angry big sister, his funny alternate self, a take-charge neighbor gal, a couple of dragons, and a mysterious guest star. Without doubt my saddest book yet - but maybe my truest too.

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  “click Weerdest Day Ever!

There's another installment of the '7' series! This is a prequel - before Bunny got his tattoo. They're camping with Grampa during a War of 1812 re-enactment. Does Bunny get it? Nope. He's worried. We can beat America at hockey, but this is war! Add a missing cell phone, a one-armed bully, and Laura Secord's cow, and you have the makings of a funny and heartwarming mess. Bunny is one of my very favorite creations. You could say this title works for all of my books. Check out the trailer!

    click for more Lucky Jonah

See, there's this magic camera. Take a picture of someone with the camera and you become that person. How weird is that? How cool? In one day our hero - Jonah - takes 12 pictures with this camera, and becomes all those different people. Think Freaky Friday meets Brokeback Mountain (oh yeah, that's going on all right). Read Lucky Jonah. You'll laugh, and think, and be surprised.

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  click for moreVOYA Magazine Top Shelf Honoree

Viminy Crowe's Comic Book...

A boy and girl fall through a portal into a steam-punk comic drawn by the girl's Uncle Viminy. The plot of this part-graphic novel is so wacky even Marthe and I get lost at times. But you don't have to --- there's a hot new Teacher's Guide!





Nothing Much Ado

Theatre Scrimger presents its latest production. Its vaguely similar to another play you might have seen but not exactly the same owing to the appearance of...


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