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Ink Me
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Ink Me - Chapter One: After it was over

She sat me down at a big table and ast if I wantd water or juice or anything.

No I said.

Or sum thing to eat—a bagel or muffin?


My voys sounded funny like it was coming from behind a door. My ears were still messd up from the gunshots. She told me to rite my full name. I put down Bunny O’Toole and ast if that was OK. My names Bernard but no 1 ever calld me that xept Grampa. She said Bunny was OK.

Im Sarjent Nolan but you can call me Nikki she said. Like Nikki K the rapper—you no her dont you?

O yah I said but I dint reelly.

The paper was yello with lines. The pen was the kind that went blob blob wen you rote. Now your address said Nikki so I put that down—2 Tecumsee. I ast did she want Trono and Canada and that. She shook her head.

And how old r you Bunny? Rite that too.

I put down 15.

You sure you dont want sum thing to eat? You look hungry.

Well mayb a muffin.


She told me to rite down what happend in my own words. I ast what she ment by my own words and she said what do you remember?

Starting ware? I said.

At the start.

Like wen we got to Sure Way and the Angels and Buffalos were there with there bikes and the Suv and then the pleece cars came?

Befor that.

Like driving to the mall?

Befor that.

Lunch? That was at Snocones house. There was a baby.

Befor that.

Befor lunch—like brekfast? I had that at home I said. OJ and Rice Krisps. Spencer likes them and Mom always makes sure there there.

By now Nikki was frowning the way evry 1 does at me. Not meen but tired you no? Like she wantd to say Jeez Bunny smarten up. Guys do that even if they all reddy no Im a dummy. Not Spencer but evry 1 els. Mom and Dad do. Mom sure does. I can see it in her face. She loves me but she wants to yell at me
2. Sorry I said. I dont no what you want.

I wishd Spencer was there to xplane for me. But Spencer was off with Dad kissing that actress and getting lost and driving Mom crazy. I was here at the pleece station with Nikki the cop and she was giving me the Jeez Bunny look and rolling up her blu sleeves. A sister Jaden wud call her but I cant cuz Im not reelly a brother.

Start at the begining she said. Wen did you join the possy?
The table was chippd and wiggly. There were marks on it like sum thing xploding. Other guys marks.

I told Nikki that I dint no I was in the possy until
Jaden said so. That was wen he saw Grampas tatoo. Your grampa has a tatoo? No I do. Grampas dead. I got his tatoo for him.

I touchd my arm saying this. It still hurt a littl bit. I shud of bin rubbing that goop on it. Nikki ast cud she see the tatoo so I pulld up the sleeve of my new shirt and there it was. Pretty sweet.

Why dont you start with that? she said. Wen did you think about getting the tatoo? Rite down evrything that happend from then until now OK Bunny? Ill bring you a muffin.

Evrything? I said. Thats alot.

Im no good at riting. I get words rong and I forget ware I am and my spelling is very Bad. Thats what Miss Wing says. She helps me in skool. Shes hot. Evry 1 says so.

What if I dont do it? I ast.

Then youll go to jale said Nikki the pleece woman.
Was she kidding? She dint look like she was kidding. And I was in a pleece station. And bad things had happend. Shots and things. I dint want to rite all the stuff down. But I dint want to go to jale.

Your meen I said. Your a meen lady you no that?

Yah. You want a coke with that muffin?

I side a long one. Huhhhhh.

I never herd of Nikki K I said.

She left and I bent over and startd riting.



Excerpted from Ink Me by Richard Scrimger. Copyright © 2012 by Richard Scrimger. Excerpted by permission of Orca Book Publishers. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Published by Orca Book Publishers.

Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.


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