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More about Richard Scrimger...

Telling Tales Festival Zomboy Talk

Here I am talking about Zomboy for the Telling Tales Festival. They tried to get me to stay still but I wasn't having any of it. Note TC Boyle and Neal Stephenson in the background -- great writers whose stuff is NOTHING like mine.

SEVEN Authors Radio Interview

No visuals here. This is a radio interview, people. Jan Spragge of the Jan Spragge Show Northumberland Radio 89.7 fm. chatted with Ted Staunton, Norah McClintock, Shane Peacock and me. I'm the one making the silly comments.

On Writing for Children and Young Adults...

Writing for children and young adults - an interview with Richard Scrimger produced by CaribLit

Writers Confessions

Richard Scrimger discusses writing...


Interview About Zomboy

Apologies for the lousy lighting, it was done on Skype. Thanks to Maaja Wentz (that's her at the bottom, tiny and hard to see).



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Inside Toronto interview with Richard Scrimger
An interview on the release of Ink Me and the 7 Series.

Sandhill Public School Podcast
An interview by the students of the school.

Still Life with Laughs
Interview by Allyson Latta for Days Road Writers' Workshops.

Interview Richard Scrimger
Interview by Brenda Sutton for Mythic Journeys.

Richard Scrimger
A profile & interview by Tundra Books.

Finding a Work Life Balance
Interview by Christine Zimmer for the Guelph Mercury.

A Nose For Children's Fiction
Interview by Paula Kirman for Suite101.com


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