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Into The Ravine

Here is another book you may consider getting for your favourite youngster. This book is thrilling, for children and young adults alike. Touching on thoughts, feelings, fears and questions that arise in childhood, Into The Ravine presents believable characters kids will identify with. Boys will be boys, and the boys in this story are no different--they are daring and not afraid of getting into a little trouble.

Into the Ravine is also a great book to teach in your middle, high school or online education classes. You can also use the extensive study guide that goes with it to make your lessons even more effective. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions! Enjoy the read and thanks for your visit.

Three neighborhood boys -- chatty Jules, nearly perfect Chris, and Cory the zombie killer -- build a raft and float it down the stream. In one long day they meet violence and death, love, fire and raining bicycles, and the mysterious Bonesaw. There are laughs galore, a few scary moments, and plenty of genuine excitement as the boys venture deeper and deeper Into The Ravine. The ghost of Huckleberry Finn seems to float serenely over this chronicle of the last journey of childhood. 


CLA Young Adult Book of the Year Shortlist
• Forward Magazine Book of the Year Shortlist

"Scrimger’s complete control of plot and pacing, coupled with his gift for comedy, especially in the voice of Jules, hold it all together. Both funny and suspenseful, Into the Ravine is another winner from an author who knows how to appeal to young readers of both genders." - Quill & Quire

"This delightfully picaresque novel ... has the ring of truth -- even great truths. Most of all, it's a tale told with considerable verve by a memorable character." - Globe & Mail

"Scrimger is a deft and funny storyteller who understands early adolescent boys, their dreams and their realities .... A funny, scary, exciting and spot-on adventure." - Booklist

"This book represents trademark Scrimger storytelling: fun, quirky, full of surprises and surprisingly thoughtprovoking and insightful in the midst of all the off-the-wall antics and offbeat characters. ... This is a wholly satisfying coming-of-age tale that gives readers pause for thought even as it charms and delights with its whimsy, humour and rollicking good times."
- Canadian Children's Book News

"Scrimger is a master at writing boy: without overt signalling he pinpoints the anxieties, strengths, preoccupations and weirdnesses that belong particularly to the kind of creature who floats down the river with his friends on a hot summer day, gets his first kiss, and becomes a hero ..."
- Center for Children's Books, University of Illinois

“Scrimger's book is full of humour….the near misses, captures and escapes in various settings create non-stop adventure and plenty of laughs from beginning to end…. Scrimger…seems incredibly able to portray the mind of a 13-year-old boy….this would make an interesting choice of literature for class study….Into the Ravine is just a great tale and lots of laughs for anyone who chooses to go along for the ride. Highly Recommended.” - CM Magazine

"Scrimger's goofy humour and playful plotting are everywhere in this story of misadventure and friendship. It has plenty of predictable boys-will-be-boys stuff (such as the joys of peeing off a moving vehicle or even better, Jules claims, high places). Puns and jokes, self-conscious allusions to literary form and numerous sitcom moments keep up the levity. But Jules also contemplates the nature of friendship, loyalty, family affection and more. In the picaresque trip down the creek, no encounter is left hanging – with a crazy twist that turns the novel into quite a different kind of story by the time Jules writes his last page." - - Toronto Star

"One of those timeless buddy stories .... ...a novel that celebrates friendship between boys without being the slightest bit false in tone or characterization."
- Bookslut

"a delightful tale full of adventure and humour ... Scrimger's narration is both moving and witty; his book can make you laugh, but can also prompt you to contemplate your own life ... Into The Ravine is a lovely rollicking adventure novel, full of emotion, comedy, and a touch of human drama."
- The Northumberland News

"Who knew that Scarborough Ontario could be the locale for a) an excellent YA novel, as well as b) a ripping good yarn? ...The characters in “Into the Ravine” are 13 year-old boys on the cusp of full-blown adolescence.... Cory's profound disconnect from just about everything except his obsession with zombies is an impressive portrait of a developing “type” of adolescent who is helping swell the ranks of ‘coded' students; those who are in danger of falling through the cracks of society. Chris's athleticism and ability to deal with just about every situation are thrown into wonderful relief by Cody's antics... Of course, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is mentioned during the trip down the river, and comparisons are more than possible. But in the end, it really doesn't matter. It's a story that can stand on its own merits. And it's Canadian."
- Resource Links


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Published by Tundra Books.

Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.

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