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News, Forthcoming Books & Other Events...

November 2014

Jet-setting Scrimger!

That's right, over the next month I will be travelling to Brazil and the Arab Emirates -- la di dah, indeed. Usually my bestselling friends regale me with tales of British, American and Canadian tours while I smile wanly and talk of Oshawa and Mississauga, but not this fall. Mind you, the odds are against a Scrimger talk in South America or the Middle East resulting in 30,000 sales. Or 3000. Or even 30. Still, they are trips that someone else pays for. Don't think I am complaining. If any of you find yourselves at the huge book fairs in Porto Alegre or Sharjah, look me up. I'll be the one who doesn't seem to fit in.

'7' Sequel tour -- the beat goes on.

The books are out, with impressive results. Andrew, who runs Orca books, sent an email addressed to 'The Magnificent 7' after the boxed set of our books ranked 3 on that month's bestseller list. (We're behind a couple of nobodies named Munsch and Riordan.) Amazon ranks us at 400, which sounds mediocre but is better than you think. I wonder about Andrew's next group email -- will it be to 'The 7 Wonders of the World' or' 7 Deadly sins'? I guess it depends on sales.

Meanwhile, we have been touring the books -- a week in Alberta (fun province, good crowds, terribly long drives) and another week in southern Ontario (just as much fun, easier driving, crowds everywhere but Ottawa, where we arrived the day the terror crisis put our concerns in perspective). Next up, Simcoe county in November and Saskatchewan in early December. We have vague plans for BC later on -- anyone out there in Vancouver or Vancouver Island want to see us?

INSPIRE: The Toronto International Book Fair

This is a new Toronto book fair coming up in mid-November. Check it out. Everyone who is anyone in CanLit will be there. And so will I. Both The Wolf And Me and Viminy Crowe's Comic Book are featured, and I am judging a YA writing contest and taking part in a pitch presentation. The international books fair runs from the 14th-16th -- I may just bring a sleeping bag and camp out..

Visit the book fair website for more information


Reading For The Love Of It

This one is next year -- February 9-10 -- and I'll be there doing my thing. The largest Canadian language arts conference in the country, it says, and why would it lie? Come check me out, or find someone cooler and check them out. It's a great line up. Dennis Lee is talking on Monday. And my man Eric Walters is giving the Tuesday breakfast talk. These guys are worth listening to.

Visit the conference website for more information


April 2014

The Seven Sequels!! 

The 7 Series from Orca Books has done so well that we've all written sequels. Mine is called The Wolf and Me and yes the Bunny character from Ink Me is back, and yes there is a wolf in it. The books will be along in the fall.

Here is a website where you can find out more.

And here is a hilarious video trailer for the series. Set your volume level high, so you can savour every nuance...


On Writing for Children and Young Adults...

Writing for children and young adults - an interview with Richard Scrimger produced by CaribLit



January 2014

First let me deal with the old stuff. How did it go? Fine. I had fun at various festivals, talked to lots of kids, sold a couple of books (dozens really but I don’t want to brag), ran a great workshop (actually, didn’t run so much as laughed through – the students were doing the heavy lifting). I may do another workshop in the spring if I have time, and if someone volunteers to do all the set up.


2014 looks like an exciting year for some people! Friends of mine are off to conferences and book festivals in Italy, Edinburgh, Princeton, Sydney. Me, not so much. But I am doing some bits and pieces, talking to strangers, travelling hither and yon (more hither than yon). If you happen to be in any of these places, you can come and say hi. For instance....

Ink Me

3rd March some of the 7 authors will be visiting Guelph (yes, the one in Ontario), giving an evening show open to the public. It will be in the "e-room"at The Bookshelf.

Click here for more on the Seven Series Books

5th March I am off to teach and talk in the Caribbean (I know, I know. But someone had to) on behalf of CODE, an NGO involved with kids and reading. If you are in Kingston (no, not the one in Ontario) for their book fest, look me up! I’ll buy you a drink.

Click here for more

Mother’s Day Weekend in Toronto means TCAF – the Toronto Comics Arts Festival. It’s at the downtown reference library. Do check it out, even if you don’t want to listen to me and Marthe Jocelyn elbow each other and talk about our new offering from TundraBooks -- Viminy Crowe’s Comic Book.

Vimmy Crowe

Click here for more


April 15-17 I’ll be in Ottawa, at the MASC Festival. It’s always a fun time, with eager students and a great faculty. (This year it’s especially good!)

Click here for more


What else? There’s a CCWWP (odd, I know – usually pronounced like QUIP – it has to do with teachers of Creative Writing) conference in Vancouver this May, and I am going because it’s a fun city and because I am giving a talk. Yes indeed, la di da.

If you want to know more, here’s a website.

That’s all for this season. Some other things may end up on my plate for the fall – no, not in Italy or Australia. More like Winnipeg and Calgary. I’ll tell you about them when I know for sure -- hopefully before it’s too late. All right, I have to get back to work


September 2013

authors of the 7 Book Series

It’s too late to hype the writerly things I did earlier this year, but I enjoyed myself a lot. I travelled through Ontario and BC as one of the “7” series authors. (The picture was taken during an evening event in Oshawa). I was part of Book Week 2013 in February (I can't remember where the picture was taken). I taught in Banff for a week in May, and had a great time except for the day after the night I drank too much (I blame the students, leading me astray!) Fortunately there are no pictures.

School presentation

The upcoming season looks like a busy one. In addition to teaching and talking and writing (couple books out next year, so much line editing and copy editing, so many deadlines) I will be at Harbourfront this fall, part of International Festival of Authors and Humber College’s fall line-up. Here’s a link.

sunny Vancouver

I will be talking to schools in Ontario, as usual. But I will also be North Vancouver for a week in October. I’d show a link or a relevant picture if I could but I can’t, so here is a shot of Vancouver. Feel free to envy me.

And I will be hosting a day-long editing and writing workshop in the GTA. Check out the poster – not bad eh? If you have something to workshop, sign up! I’ll be happy to see you. Here’s a link.

Next April I will be part of MASC young authors and illustrators conference in Ottawa. Here’s a link.

Random House is planning on me going to Philadelphia for the ALA mid-winter meeting and New York in June for BEA. I don’t know how relevant this news is to you, but if you show up and say Hi I will be surprised and delighted.


September 2012

Hey I was at the Telling Tales Festival in beautiful near-Hamilton on September 16.  And not just me.  There were genuinely famous and interesting people there too. Check out their website.

Telling Tales Festival

Here I am at Telling Tales. Really. I am not asking if you want fries with that. My talk was so riveting!! Notice the kids in the front who are paying no attention at all. My favorite is the guy off to the right who has either passed out or fallen asleep ...

I'm going to be at Word On The Street in Toronto a couple of weekends from now. Darn it, I have forgotten exactly when and where, but I know I will be talking about the 7 Series and also about the editorial process. Check tents that have to do with Orca Books and Humber College. Seriously this is a great event and you should go whether you want to see me or not.
October and November are busy months for me – lots of travelling around to talk about the new book.  I’m all over southern Ontario, notably at Harbourfront with the International Festival of Authors – check me out   -- but  I’ll also be going to the Vancouver International Writers’ Festival from the 16th –18th of October.  I get to be the boss-moderator on a panel with Kenneth Oppel and Arthur Slade, and later on with Shane Peacock and Norah McClintock.  That’ll be fun. 
Then at the end of the month I head off to Calgary for the Kaleidoscope Children’s Literature Conference which runs from the 1-3 November.  They asked me to deliver a keynote speech -- which I thought was pretty darn important until I realized that just about everyone there is a keynote speaker.  So I guess I’m just talking.  Which I do a lot.  Anyway, you can find out more at www.kaleidoscopeconference.ca
But the following week I am the real deal – the big finale – the cheese of cheeses – at CANSCAIP’s annual Packaging Your Imagination.  As far as I know I am the only keynote speaker which means I get to have the last word.  Packaging Your imagination is a very cool conference where you can learn a ton about writing and publishing both in general and as it relates to children’s literature in Canada.  Knowledgeable educators, popular writers, caring and successful writing professionals – and me.  Check out the website.
Next April (I know, I know – who are these organized guys, booking so far ahead ahead?) I will be in Ottawa and Banff . First the MASC Young Authors and Illustrators Conference in Ottawa from the 15th to the 17th, and then the following week (21st-27th) at the Banff Centre doing something called Writing With Style. You can probably find out more about these events at www.masconline.ca/ and www.banffcentre.ca/ but I don’t know where to direct you – I got distracted reading about a guy named Robin Scrimger who makes films – he sounds pretty interesting. Anyway, scenic views, dedicated fellow writers, peace and solitude, free food and drink ... Not bad.


December 2011

Hey, I'll be at Oshawa Library this Saturday afternoon to take part in the DarkLit Festival. If you are in town, drop by and say hi. You might want to check out the other authors too -- a diverse and super-talented bunch. More information here.



The Fall 2011 Humber Book Club hosted by Guelph-Humber's Writing Centre featured Me and Death, a novel written by Humber's creative writing faculty Richard Scrimger.

The video above was produced by some of Humber's media & journalism students for The Daily Planet.


Fall 2011

Late breaking news! I will be at the Eden Mills Festival in Eden Mills Ontario on September 18th and 19th. That's a couple of Sundays from now. I'll be talking about and reading from my latest book, and also presenting to a couple of schools on the binomial theorem. It's a passion of mine, higher mathematics. Local Grade 7s and 8s are in for a treat!

Richard Scrimger's hair at Eden Mills

Too late. You missed me at Eden Mills. Probably just as well -- it was awful! People booed and everything. I had to be led off the stage. This picture was taken during the question and answer, after I'd wiped away my tears. Someone emailed it to me with the title: Scrimger Hair.


Listen, if you want me to talk to YOUR school on a topic of mathematical or scientific importance, let me know. I've got a dandy lecture on Planck's Constant....

Later on -- much later! -- like next year at this time -- I'll be giving a key-note address at Kaleidoscope 10 in Calgary. I'll probably be talking about story or writing or creativity or some such wordy topic, but you can be sure I'll throw in something about fontinal numbers too. That's passion for you. I don't know why I'm telling you about Kaleidoscope so soon -- probably to make up for the Eden Mills thing. I should have mentioned it months ago. Months!


Spring 2011

I am taking part in the exciting book bash in Toronto at the end of April. Come on down and say hi. Meanwhile, check out the cool ad.

Visit the Toronto Library website for more information.

The following week I am going to be in beautiful downtown Saskatoon. Anyone in the neighborhood should drop by the Saskatoon Literacy For Life Conference, May 2nd - 5th. It promises to be an awesome show -- and I am not saying that just because they are paying me. They are also paying for my airfare!

Visit Literacy For Life website for more information.

Scrimger on stage...

No, I was not taking drive-thru orders. I was onstage here, either looking thoughtful or about to sneeze. I can't remember which.


Fall 2010


Where in the World is Richard Scrimger...

Well, July 10-16 I'll be teaching at the Humber Summer Workshop in Toronto, along with the likes of Alistair MacLeod, MG Vassanji, Wayson Choy, Miriam Toews, Annabel Lyon and David Bezmozgis. I'll be at the kids' table, burping the alphabet.

Then I'm off to Knowlton, Quebec for their Knowlton Reads Literary Festival on the 17th-18th of July.

August 27-29th I will be in Thunder Bay for the Sleeping Giant Writers' Festival. Me and Ian Brown and Johanna Schneller and Miriam Toews again. Just pals, you know?

At the end of September I'll be back in Toronto for Word On The Street. I'm on my own there, so come on out and keep me company.

Then from 19-24 October I'll be in Vancouver for their International Writers' Festival. I don't know who else is coming. Last year they had Margaret Atwood, Richard Ford, John Irving, Alice Munro, Audrey Niffenegger, David Sedaris and a bunch of others. All successful, insightful folks. I'll fit right in, eh?


Watch an interview with Richard Scrimger and listen to an excerpt from the new book...


Scrimger's Cover Contest!!

The cover contest was a great success. Many thanks to everyone who contributed and congratulations to Roni, winner of a school visit by Richard Scrimger. To see the winning cover and all the finalists click here.

September 2009

Scrimger drives into the countryside. I will be giving a couple of talks at the inaugural Telling Tales Festival in charming Westfield Heritage Village, Ontario on September 20. For more information, check www.tellingtales.org

October 2009

Scrimger flies to the left coast. I'll be giving workshops at the 17th Annual Surrey International Writers' Conference in beautiful Surrey BC. Of course they have a website too. Check it out: Surrey International Writers' Conference

If I remember to take some pictures of myself with famous writers, I'll post them when I get back.

February 2010

Scrimger goes Alpine! I'll be at the 7th Geneva Writers' Conference in faraway Switzerland. I hope they don't make me drink too much schnapps.

April 2010

I will be part of the next MASC Young Authors And Illustrators Conference in Ottawa.  That's April 21, 22, 23.  Road trip time.  I did the conference a couple of years ago, and had a lot of fun.  Imagine a room full of kids who want to learn about stories!  Pretty cool.

March 2009

Keep Reading!! Richard Scrimger will be taking part in the The Toronto Public Library's Keep Toronto Reading 2009, a month long showcase of books and culture this April. For complete information visit the Keep Toronto Reading Website

Richard Scrimger: Counting Yourself In
Thursday, April 9, 1:30-2:30
Bendale Branch, TPL
1515 Danforth Rd.
Toronto, ON, M1J 1H5

Exciting news from Atlantic Canada! From Charlie's Point of View was shortlisted for the Young Canada Reads competition. This is kind of like Survivor, where books get voted off one by one. As far as I know, Charlie is still alive, though maybe not for long (the competition is very strong). Here's the link. You can tune in to the show through the website here. The young panelist defending it is doing a wonderful job ....

FLASH.  I just heard that Charlie was voted off the island.  Sigh.  Well, I am sure that the winning book is very deserving.  If anyone wants me, I'll be in my room weeping. - RS

Scrimger in Slovenia...

Scrimger in Slovenia

I did not get a haircut while I was in Slovenia. In fact, it's been a while since I got my hair cut, as these recent photographs show. The press conference, in front of an audience of kids and adults, featured a guy singing Leonard Cohen songs in Slovenian. One keen journalist asked if I knew Leonard Cohen, seeing as how we were both Canadian, and in the arts. No, I said. Are you sure? he said, peering at me through narrowed eyes, as if he thought I might try to deceive him. Yes, I'm sure, I said.

Richard Scrimger

The shot of me leaning on one hand is from local TV -- the interviewer asked me to look thoughtful. This is the best I could do.

Scrimger on the move...

I'll be visiting Regina in May as part of an event called "The Mayor's Mega-Minute Reading Challenge." I look forward to my meeting the mayor. I wonder which of us can read more in a mega-minute. For that matter, I wonder what a mega-minute is. But I'm sure I'll have a good time.

Later this year I shall be in Surrey, BC, as part of their International Writers Conference. Most of the writers there will hail from other countries. I plan to wear a hat and adopt a foreign sounding accent in order to blend in. I'll tell you more about this as the day draws near. - RS


July 2008

Photos from recent events... from left to right, visiting with grade 3 students in Belleville, Ontario in March; receiving a Calliope Teaching Award at the Humber School for Writers in July; a library presentation in British Columbia in May.

SCRIMGER IN SLOVENIA!! Yes, folks, I am going to the Balkans. Mis, my Slovenian publisher (and doesn't that phrase just roll off the tongue) and the Canadian government have put together a one-week tour to promote the launch of the Slovenian translation of Into The Ravine. From 29 September to 5 October I will be in and around Ljubljana. If you are in that neck of the globe at that time, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you, DFAIT, Mis Zalozba, and the Canadian Embassy in Budapest.

SCRIMGER IN EDEN MILLS! A little closer to home, this one. I'll be in picturesque Eden Mills, Ontario, on September 7th, as part of the Eden Mills Writers' Festival. I'll be talking about creativity and humour and the power of story -- which means I'll mostly be telling jokes and making rude noises. If you can't get to Slovenia, you may want to check out this gig. Lots of important authors there -- I'll try to act like I belong. - RS

March 2008

Into the Ravine has been shortlisted for the 2008 CLA Young Adult Book of the Year and the Forward Magazine Book of the Year.

Richard Scrimger will be teaching at the Humber School For Writers Summer Workshop July 13-18th. He will also be appearing at the Eden Mills Writers' Festival on September 7th at Eden Mills, near Guelph Ontario.


February 2008

Tundra Books will publish Richard Scrimger's newest book, Me & Death, in the Sping 2009. In the meantime the author will be in British Columbia this Spring, touring the Kootenays and participating in the Red Cedar Awards in Burnaby, May 4-13.


November 2007

Richard Scrimger will be reading at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre as part of the ALOUD Reading Series, February 13-16, 2008. ALOUD celebrates reading for children with "four days of boisterous bookishness" For more information visit the Harbourfront Centre website.


August 2007

Into The Ravine is now available!! "The reviewer at Resource Links wrote to tell me that she got "astonishingly close" to saying that the book was wonderful." - RS.

Scrimger on Tour... Richard Scrimger will be in British Columbia from October 28th to 31st, 2007, to support the launch of Into The Ravine. He will also be visiting BC in early May 2008 to participate in the Red Cedar Awards ceremony and to do school presentations.

From Charlie's Point of View shortlisted for the 2008 Red Cedar Awards. Winners will be announced in May 2008. For more information visit the awards website. From Charlie's Point of View will also be published in France in 2008.

"First Time Never -- Holding Hands" a new short story by Richard Scrimger will be published in September in a short story collection called First Times, edited by Marthe Jocelyn and published by Tundra Books.

March 2007 Richard Scrimger will be appearing at the International Reading Association conference in Toronto, Ontario, May 15th, 2007, at 11:00 am For further details visit the IRA website

Richard will also be appearing at Book Expo America in New York on June 2nd, 2007. For more information visit the BEA website.

The Humber College School For Writers, Toronto. Author Richard Scrimger will be teaching at the Summer Workshop, July 15 - 21, 2007. For more information visit the Humber College website.

Wordfest 2007, Calgary & Banff, Alberta. Richard Scrimger will be appearing as part the Banff Calgary International Writers Festival, October 9 - 14, 2007, an annual celebration of the written and spoken word. For more information visit the festival website.

March 2007 Mythic Passages, has published a new short story by Richard Scrimger. Questcon Quest is a dark and serious tale of fantasy computer gaming and an emotionally damaged family. Visit the Mythic Journeys website to read the story as well as a complete interview with the author.

February 2007 Richard Scrimger's latest novel for young adults, Into The Ravine, will be published by Tundra Books, August, 2007. The author is also working on, Life After Life, to be published by Tundra Books in 2008


Telling Tales Festival

Upcoming Events...

Toronto International Book Fair
November 14-16, 2014

Reading For The Love of It
February 9-10, 2015


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