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The Nose From Jupiter
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The Nose From Jupiter

Alan isn't brave or strong, and he's not much good at soccer. What's more, he seems to be a bully magnet. Everything changes one day when a tiny alien from Jupiter takes up residence in Alan's nose. Alan's new condition baffles medical science, but it gives him a whole new, and hilarious, way to solve his problems.

• Mr. Christie's Book Award - Best Children's Book, 1998
• Kids' Pick of the List - American Booksellers Association
• Official Selection, Young Adult Library Services Association Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults List 1999
• Short listed, Young Reader's Choice Award, 2001
• Short listed, Rocky Mountain Book Award, 2001
• Canadian Toy Testing Council, Great Book for Children, 2003

". . . snort-out-loud funny." - City Parent

"A delightfully funny, fast-paced story that will turn readers into instant fans. . . . A surefire hit." - Booklist

''Alan Dingwall, 13, has an alien from Jupiter living in his nose. As unlikely as that may sound, it is the basis of a very funny, very good novel. " - Globe & Mail

“With an utterly zany premise, one which we cheerfully accept, Richard Scrimger pulls off a daring high-wire act, juggling wild comedy, clever wit and occasional appropriate tenderness in a novel that satisfies on every level. The characters are splendid and true, the dialogue is dead-on, the setting as solid as stone. welcome to a new - and very bright - star in the firmament of young people's fiction.” - Claire Mackay

“Richard Scrimger brings his considerable charm, wit and imagination to this delightful tale. In his playful yet subtle way, Scrimger manages to remind us that a child's sense of wonder can set the world right.” - Joseph Kertes

“Anyone looking for a funny yet lyrical, pun-riddled yet intelligent story should pick The Nose from Jupiter. . .Norbert proves to be a first-rate nose for trouble. " - Owl Canadian Family

"This book will make you laugh . . ." - Kidsworld

"introspective... warmly written, often funny..." - Canadian Children's Literature

"...this book would make anyone laugh - how long am I going to have to wait for a sequel?" - Children's Books News

Voted by Today's Parent as one of the 100 best Canadian Kids' Books EVER! That's right. Norbert is right up there with Anne, Shade, Stella, Parvana, Sam McGee and Princess Elizabeth in her paper bag. Good company!


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Published by Tundra Books

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