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Noses Are Red
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Noses Are Red

Norbert - the tiny, cocoa-sipping, wisecracking alien from Jupiter is back!

Norbert is back, and his unlikely host is Alan Dingwall, not the bravest boy on the planet Earth. Alan is off on a camping trip with his good friend, Victor. Clear blue lakes and ghost stories around the campfire. Should be fun, right? Not if the person who is taking you camping happens to be the muscle-bound Christopher, your mother's new boyfriend. And not if you aren't exactly a fan of the great outdoors, with its bugs and snakes and swamps and bears. Alan would much rather be playing the only game he's really good at: cards. The woods are full of dangers and the boys encounter them all in one hilarious misadventure after another. It's up to Norbert to help Alan find his way out of the forest.

“With entertaining characters, witty dialogue, and wry observations, this fast-paced novel supports the notion, seldom acknowledged in children’s books, that Mother doesn’t always know best.” – Booklist

“As with its predecessors, this book is hilarious, with a wonderful blend of slapstick humor and dry wit. It will appeal to anyone who hates summer camp or who enjoys a refreshingly comic look at everyday life.” – VOYA

“The third installment in Richard Scrimger’s hilarious “Nose” series…is a fine addition to the Scrimger oeuvre!” Books in Canada

“…a wonderful read. Perhaps the best of the three ‘Nose’ books.”Children’s Book News

“…wickedly humourous and a wonderfully fun summer camp saga…Young readers will empathize with Alan’s struggles in this story…Richard Scrimger beautifully captures the humour in the mundane aspects of daily life while simultaneously portraying the very real thoughts and uncertainties of a typical 13-year-old boy.”CM Magazine

“Richard Scrimger has written an excellent outdoor adventure. It is packed with laughs. The originality of this tale is quite refreshing. Each chapter presents significant plot development. The good feeling after finishing this book will last for days. I would highly recommend this book…”Resource Links

“…[an] uproarious story…”Teacher Magazine

“Noses are Red is a wonderful tale of adventure, a hilarious tale that tickles the funny bone of the most stubborn people.”Books

“Richard Scrimger is a funny man…The writing is confident and droll. There’s only one word for the storyline: unique.”
Vancouver Sun

“One hilarious escapade after another.”Star Phoenix

“Read it yourself – it’ll bring back all your worst memories of summer camp.” New Brunswick Reader

"...funny and insightful." - Hamilton Spectator


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Published by Tundra Books

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