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The Wolf And Me
The Wolf And Me

Bunny is back...

It's the winter holidays, and the cousins from 7 The Series are gathered at Grampa's cottage when they discover a secret stash of fake passports, money, and guns. It looks like Grampa was a spy. But was he like James Bond, working for the 'good' guys, or was he a double agent? The cousins head off around the world to investigate. Bunny doesn't care. He wants to go skating. And that's when things go badly wrong. He gets kidnapped (he doesn't know why) by terrorists (he doesn't know who) and thrown into a basement with his skates on! The terrorists pressure his brother Spencer to find a document Grampa stole from their country -- or they will kill Bunny. When he escapes (for now) Bunny decides to skate home (he doesn't know the direction).

There are huge surprises along the way. Trust me. Huge.

Here's a link to a website. www.seventhesequels.com

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Kirkus Reviews

"Bunny's learning disabilities can make academics challenging, but his unique way of viewing the world might just be the key to his freedom... Bunny indomitable spirit makes him a likable, one-of-a-kind narrator... Readers will respond to this improbably, deeply sympathetic hero. "

CM Magazine

"He bumbles along, and we get so caught up in his absurd adventures, his crazy misunderstandings, that we are compelled to read on and on... If that isn't the mark of a good book, I don't know what is."

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Published by Orca Book Publishers.

Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.


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Seven The Series

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